Each and every day, the classroom teams and mental health professionals at Pace transform lives.  Sometimes the changes are large, but more often they are small changes that over time create amazing success.

As a recent consultant to our Partial Hospitalization Program recently observed “you don’t have any easy cases.”  The challenges our children face are complex and on-going.  That staff are able to stand by them day after day providing caring structure and effective practices is nothing short of amazing. »Read More

It’s amazing how much we know about the development of the brain.  It seems like every week, there is new science showing how the brain forms and responds to any number of stimuli. At Pace, we know that all of students are affected by some social, emotional or behavioral disorder.  Unfortunately, there is still no way to “fix” the brain.  Even with all the advances, we still have to rely on the tried and true, low-tech methods for giving all kids the chance to succeed in school.

One area that Pace School has focused on is the effect of trauma and chronic stress on children.  All kinds of information can tell us exactly how the brain of a child is altered by the experience of chronic stress. We can see pictures of developing brains and learn all about the regions affected, but how do we help this child – today? »Read More