Summertime means warm temperatures and long lazy days in the sun. For many kids, it is a welcome break from the rigors of going to school every day. But, the lessons learned during the school year should not be forgotten all summer long. Research clearly shows that children who do not read over the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress. The loss is cumulative and can have long term effects. As a parent, you play a critical role in your child’s education during the summer months.

Here are 10 weeks of activities from the Reading is Fundamental website that includes reading and reading related skills. There is no special order, and you don’t have to do everything listed in a particular week. Just pick the ones that look interesting and fun! The most important thing to remember is to keep reading fun over the summer!

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SAFETY PLANS are the first step in individualizing the Sanctuary® Model. The Safety Plan is an important de-escalation tool to be practiced in the Sanctuary Community and every staff and student has one. Without Safety, the students are not able learn and develop. Staff Safety Plans are based on the role of being Safety plan mentors. It is difficult to help others do what you haven’t done for your self. Violence by youth against other youth is rampant. A Safety Plan is worthwhile if it puts our children out of harms way. Teaching Safety is what all parents have to do. Safety Plans must be simple so that they can be easily remembered. Many families use Safety Plans for themselves to help maintain safety in the house and community.

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All of these are words that make most parents wonder:

Do I really know what my kid is up to on the computer?”

Most of us know who to check the Internet Explorer history for visited websites but let’s face it.  So do the kids!

Some of us are savvy enough to set up “kids” accounts on the computer to restrict their access to websites, streaming video, etc. On the other hand you may choose not to restrict or limit your child’s computer and internet access at all.

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