Staff Creating the Future

Each and every day, the classroom teams and mental health professionals at Pace transform lives.  Sometimes the changes are large, but more often they are small changes that over time create amazing success.

As a recent consultant to our Partial Hospitalization Program recently observed “you don’t have any easy cases.”  The challenges our children face are complex and on-going.  That staff are able to stand by them day after day providing caring structure and effective practices is nothing short of amazing.

The real tribute to just how terrific they are individually and as a community is the stories of success that we celebrate all too infrequently.

One child arrived with challenges that masked his true capacity so well that his IQ score was measured at the borderline of intellectual disability.  After a year of steady interventions, this student has overcome those barriers and on retesting he was found to have an IQ in the average range.  His intelligence didn’t really change – the team that supported him transformed his ability to access that native intelligence.

Another young man in the 4th grade came to us as a non-reader.  He would simply not engage in reading instruction and used disruptive behaviors to avoid doing this very difficult task.  Through intensive one-on-one instruction and the most effective reading interventions, his team engaged him in new ways.  Using drills that offered rewards and iPad apps that made learning fun, this young man became so engaged in learning to read, that he was willing to give up recess time to do drills for fluency and sight word recognition. His pride at being able to read makes every challenge easier to face.

On any given day, it’s tough to look beyond the immediate behaviors and challenges that our very special students present.  It’s tough to maintain the faith that even in the most difficult home and community circumstances, our interventions are making a difference.  But when you step back and watch and listen to the stories, as I have the privilege to do, you can see that…

Pace’s professionals are creating a future for children.

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