Recycling is an important way to show your commitment to social responsibility. You can save trees and the environment just by recycling paper and newspaper. At Pace, we can start to recycle paperby having recycling bins in every classroom. We can also recycle things at home and ask our parents and families to help too.  —  Pace Student

When I first found out I had to give a speech for student council, I felt kind of nervous. I wanted to be elected and I told the class why I would be a good candidate. The whole class voted afterwards. It is my first time being elected. My grandma and my mom were happy for me. I like when we get to share our ideas. Some of our ideas are: new lunch menu, wood shop and field trips. I get to get out of work bi-weekly. There is a pizza party for student council. There is an ice cream party for student council. I like being a role model for the younger kids. I will do it again next year.

~ Pace School Student

“The Go for Greens project at Pace is an example of Social Learning.  When me and my buddy first heard about it, I thought it was just about me and my ideas. He thought it was just about him and his ideas. Then we found out the whole school was involved.  Through social learning you learn that you can’t always put your own ideas first.  When you listen to other people’s thoughts and ideas you always have a plan B or C or D.  You might just find out that you can use different parts of different ideas to make something better than any of the ideas by themselves.”  —  Pace Student