woman meditatingParenting children with special needs comes with many challenges and rewards.  Parents are busy focusing on completing homework, finding resources, attending to challenging behaviors, medication disbursement, and transporting their children to various therapies.  In addition, families must also manage day to day living tasks.  Many parents are so busy conquering the challenging needs of their children that they sacrifice time to care for themselves.  Unfortunately, this can lead to caregiver burnout, in turn having a negative impact on meeting the needs of all family members.  When parents neglect themselves, the increase in stress can lead to both negative physical and mental effects. The question is: how can we find time to care for ourselves with such challenging schedules, time constraints, and attempts to meet the needs of our children? There is no quick fix for this question.  Instead, there must be a gradual lifestyle change. The most effective way to reduce this burnout is by practicing positive self care. »Read More