It’s amazing how much we know about the development of the brain.  It seems like every week, there is new science showing how the brain forms and responds to any number of stimuli. At Pace, we know that all of students are affected by some social, emotional or behavioral disorder.  Unfortunately, there is still no way to “fix” the brain.  Even with all the advances, we still have to rely on the tried and true, low-tech methods for giving all kids the chance to succeed in school.

One area that Pace School has focused on is the effect of trauma and chronic stress on children.  All kinds of information can tell us exactly how the brain of a child is altered by the experience of chronic stress. We can see pictures of developing brains and learn all about the regions affected, but how do we help this child – today? »Read More

As a newcomer this past year, I did not anticipate being welcomed into an organization so willing to accept new ideas and try new things to help their students.  For me, one particular classroom team’s efforts to overcome challenges and frustration throughout the 2009-2010 school year was a remarkable example of positive growth and change.

Faced with increasingly frequent and severe behavioral issues, the team members worked hard to address the problems within their classroom while also expressing their concerns and ideas to others staff members. »Read More

With the generous support of friends who share a commitment to children with challenges, Pace School reached new heights in excellence and creativity in 2009-2010.

The quality of Pace School’s programs and the excellence of its management practices were recognized by the prestigious Alfred W. Wishart, Jr. Award for Excellence.  There are over 600 nonprofit organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania and, among so many, Pace School took the prize for its superior performance.

Throughout the year, Pace explored new worlds and strategies to reach students with Autism and serious emotional, developmental or learning needs. Comic book adventures were created in collaboration with Brainstorm Creative to introduce incoming students to their new school. On-line videos were produced to allow parents to see what benefits await their child before they enroll. Collaborations with local professional artists gave children opportunities to express themselves in different ways.

And the journey continues!

Your support for 2010-2011 will make the lives of our students even better. Please join me and give now. Be part of our award winning effort to open the doors to learning for every child. Pace School students deserve no less.  Thank you.

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