Timmy, a recently admitted student at Pace School, is attending Extended School Year (ESY).   Timmy’s former Pace classroom included a group of students much like himself – high functioning, verbal ASD children.  ESY, however, has provided Timmy the opportunity to learn with and about students challenged by disabilities including auditory processing issues, social and emotional challenges and limited cognitive functioning.

As one of the most gregarious students in the class, Timmy has assumed the role of social ambassador. Initially, staff thought that Timmy’s peers would be the primary beneficiaries in this effort.  However, Timmy has blossomed into a concerned co-worker, encourager and understanding friend!

Timmy’s mornings look something like this:

9AM – Morning Routine (greet peers, put away backpack, greet classroom staff, sign-in, eat breakfast and complete seatwork).

John, who is practicing greeting skills, shakes Timmy’s hand and asks,  “How are you?”   Though such an exchange seems odd to Timmy (9 year olds rarely shake hands), he responds graciously.  On the way to breakfast, Timmy helps a classmate stay in line by quietly guiding him back into place. Timmy and his friends like to listen to music in the morning.  Timmy brings a favorite CD into the classroom so that everyone can enjoy music during breakfast. »Read More